About GFE

Gloria Floyd Elementary School

Home of the Falcons!

Grades Pre-K to 5th

Christine Smith, Principal
Natalie Garcia, Assistant Principal


Gloria Floyd Elementary School strives to provide students with an excellent education in a safe and caring learning environment. We set high curriculum standards, guiding our students to reach and maintain academic excellence, while also promoting the emotional, social, and behavioral skills needed for them to grow and develop to their full potential as responsible members of our society.

Our school benefits from a supportive and engaged parent community, headed by the local PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION (PTA), which volunteers thousands of hours each year in support of our educative goals.

We welcome and encourage you to explore our website where you can find important information as well as useful educational tools for students, parents, and teachers.

We are a Five Star Award recipient and Golden School Award for Community and Volunteer Engagement

We are excited to offer a quality Elementary program featuring:

  • Early Childhood Programs – A positive introduction to school is an important milestone in a child’s academic career.  Our early childhood programs consists of Pre-K and Kindergarten classes.   With an emphasis on a developmentally appropriate curriculum that uses the Houghton Mifflin Reading Program, both grades ensure flexible grouping using a multi-sensory approach to ensure readiness for elementary school.
  • Discovery Program – In grades 1-5 our Discovery Program emphasizes specific goals and objectives for Gifted learners using  a compacted curriculum. Class lessons focus on creativity and critical thinking based on strengths through an educational plan.
  • Navigators Program – Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – In grades PK-5 our Navigator Program emphasizes specific goals and objectives for students with disabilities specifically ASD the program is  a compacted curriculum. Class lessons focus on individual student academic goals, grade level curriculum, social interactions, based on strengths and academic needs identified in student’s educational plan.
  • Extended Foreign Language available for grades K & 1
  • World Languages (Spanish) offered to grades 2-5 (not in EFL)
  • Kindergarten Cop/Youth Crime Watch Program
  • Interactive Promethean technology in all classrooms
  • Participation in district competitions (ex: Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Theodore Gibson Oratorical Contest)
  • Targeted intervention curriculum for struggling students
  • Highly motivated and dedicated faculty and staff
  • Free breakfast for all students
  • Interactive software applications to support the Reading, Math and Science curricula